How can you help others and enjoy a fun activity at the same time?

Host an XP Laser Sport Fundraiser Event.

An XP Laser Sport Fundraising Event gets you 3 hours of Unlimited Laser Tag.

You can hold a maximum of 120 guests at our Laurel Location. 

A Fundraising Event costs just $500 for the first 100 guests, $5 for each additional guest above 100.

You get to set the price for your event . You get to keep all the money raised.

For example if you charge $20 for the 3 Hour Pass and have 50 guests attend, you would raise $1,000 and get to keep $500 for the organization!

Fundraising events are available Mondays through Thursdays and select Sunday evenings**.

Fundraising events are not available on holidays.

** Sunday Fundraising Events are only 2 hours.