Laser tag is a safe activity that the kids will sign up for every time.

Church Youth Group and Religious Leaders like you have told us XP Laser Sport receives a great response from their kids.You will also find that new friends will come along for the laser tag as well. You have the potential to reach more of the community with your message and grow your group.

Get your youth group to open up not only to the group and to new challenges. Bring them to XP Laser Sport and they will have a great time and loosen up amongst each other working as a team. You might even knock through some of those walls that kids sometimes put up around themselves.

Your youth group is looking for a fun, memorable activity to engage the group and keep them excited about your organization. XP is the place to make those memories! Laughter is one of the best medicines and the memories are priceless.

Reserve a table or a private room for your youth meeting before or after you play laser tag.There’s no additional charge on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening.

Call a Reservation Specialist today to make your outing an event 301-953-2266.


Can’t make it out to one of our XP Laser Sport locations? Don’t worry, you can still take advantage of the fun that laser tag can offer your youth group with our mobile laser tag.

XP Laser Sport can set up a mobile event in a church hall, gym or even outside. We can run many games if your group is large or run a series of scenarios if your group is smaller.

When you consider the transportation costs and hassles you won’t have to worry about, mobile laser tag is a great activity for your youth group. Find out more about Mobile Laser Tag by clicking here.

Group Play
Group Party
Meeting Space
Group Play


# of Players“Basic” Package
4 Games/1 Session
“Most Popular” Package
8 Games/2 Session
“Best Value” Package
12 Games/3 Sessions
8-15 Players$15 per person$25 per person$31 per person
16-40 Players$14 per person$24 per person$30 per person
41+ Players$13 per person$23 per person$29 per person


# of PlayersCombo Package
4 Games/1 Session of Sport
4 Games/1 Session of Tactical
8-15 Players$25 per person
16-40 Players$24 per person
41+ Players$23 per person
Group Party

Group Party ($229.95 for the first 8 players and $24.95 for each additional player)

  • Choose One:
    • One Session (4 Games) of Tactical “Call of Duty” Style Laser Tag (A 35-minute session consists of 2 games each of 2 missions/scenarios plus time for strategy, briefing, suiting up and removing equipment)
    • One Session (4 Games) of Sport Laser Tag (A 35 Minute Session consists of Four 8 Minute Games and an additional 12 minutes for a Pre-Game Strategy Briefing, time to suit up and un-suit as well as Scorecard Post-Game Analysis)
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks for each player
  • Party photo placed on our Facebook page
  • Table space for 2-hours includes all paper products. You may bring in your own food and dessert for this event!

We can come to your church or event?

Save on transportation and include a great laser tag experience at your location. We can set up in most halls, gyms or outdoors.

You can have obstacles, lights and sound just like our indoor facility. Visit our mobile event page for more information. Click here

Meeting Space

Have Your Youth Meeting at XP LaserSport

You know it’s sometimes a hassle to meet before our after an outing back at your church or center.

At XP LaserSport, you can enjoy complimentary meeting space for up to 2 hours before or after your group players laser tag.

Private meeting space is available on a first-come-first-serve basis any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening with your laser tag reservation. Other days and times may be available, just ask.

Seating and space varies, so call us to work out the details.