XP Laser Sport in Laurel, MD opened its doors on Feb 4, 1999.

Laurel has a 7,100 sq ft multi-level Sport Laser Tag playing arena based on a Photon Alpha field that has been awarded as one of the “Top Ten Laser Tag Arenas” in the nation. We started playing with Photon Laser Tag for the first 5 years and upgraded to LASERTRON laser tag in 2003.

XP Laser Sport has a lot of unique features which sets it apart from other laser tag facilities. Some of these features include:

  • Observation Deck – We are the only laser tag facility on the east coast with an observation deck where spectators can watch the players play on our laser tag arena. We even have party areas located in the observation area!
  • Longer Play Times – Get the best value for your money! XP Laser Sport offers you more play time than in our standard session than any other laser tag facility in the Baltimore-Washington area. Our Sport laser tag sessions include four games in a 35-minute session. Our Tactical laser tag session includes 4 missions/scenarios in a 35 minute session.
  • Multiple Laser Tag  XPeriences – Each of our laser tag xperiences is completely unique.
  • Sport Laser Tag - This is our traditional "Star Wars"/ Sci-fi style laser tag.with bases to defend as well as 11 power ups or special modes.
  • Tactical Laser Tag – We are the only “call-of-duty” style laser tag facility in the area. Multiple weapons, missions, kills streaks, etc. It’s your favorite video game live action style.
  • Arcade Games – A variety of arcade games for people of all ages to enjoy. Some arcade games will even give tickets which you will then be able to exchange for prizes.
  • Prize Area – These tickets can be redeemed in our prize room for a variety of prizes ranging from candy, to basketballs, and inflatable toys. We also have memorabilia and logo prizes for our older players