Organized laser tag gives an athletic routine to improve coordination, flexibility and overall self confidence.

Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart several of life’s lessons can be learned or reinforced while playing a simple league game of laser tag.

"Winning doesn’t come easy"

Individual skills are combined to create a team with an overall sense of unity and cooperation. Teamwork includes working together as a team, but also includes teaching us how to be a leader, or how to accurately follow someone else’s directions.

"Winners never quit and quitters never win"

The teamwork ethic assists us in forming a bond of trust among fellow team members, doing what is right for the team as whole, and performing to our own best ability.

"Life isn’t fair, sometimes you do your best and you still don’t win"

Laser Tag Leagues are for anybody who is ready to step up their game. For any one who is looking for a little challenge above the normal game of laser tag. After all we are called Laser Sport for a reason!

Leagues run for 4 to 8 consecutive weeks and are followed up with an awards party.

Just like a tournament game, times are shortened due to the intensity of play. Your team needs to get in to the other teams base, get a good score, and get out before the time runs out. Players need to be aware of their responsibility or role for the game.  Defense is as important as offense just like any other sport.


We are now taking sign ups for our next league. We are building leagues for both Sport Laser Tag and Tactical Laser Tag. Space is limited to 40 players so sign up now.

Leagues typically will last for 8 weeks and end with a party for all registrants.

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