Although you don’t need a reason to come out and play laser tag, why not come and celebrate the big or little things in your life?


You get that promotion at work? Reward yourself with your friends and enjoy some laser tag and watch some football.

Baby on the way? Congratulations, bring your family and friends down to enjoy the moment together. They might just let you win.

Your company softball team win the championship? Celebrate and savor the victory. Show your team-mates that softball isn’t the only thing you’re good at.

Whatever the reason come on over and enjoy laser tag with everyone close to you. You may want to try our all new tactical laser tag experience Frontal Assault. Tactical laser tag plays like Call of Duty with games like Domination or Search and Destroy.

If you want a table space or private room, call ahead to reserve one. Pricing varies depending on how long you want the area or room, call for details or select one of the packages at the right.

Adult Group
Adult Party
Private Party
Adult Group

Adult Group

Minimum of 8 players. We’ll post your team photo to our Facebook page if you want.


# of Players“Most Popular”
4 Games/1 Session
“Best Value”
8 Games/2 Sessions
8-15 Players$15  per person$25  per person
16-40 Players$14  per person$24  per person
41+ Players$13  per person$23  per person


# of PlayersCombo Package
4 Games/1 Session of Sport
4 Games/1 Session of Tactical
8-15 Players$25 per person
16-40 Players$24 per person
41+ Players$23 per person
Adult Party

Adult Party ($229.95 for the first 8 players and $24.95 for each additional player)

  • Choose One Experience:
    • One 35-Min Session (4 Games) of Tactical “Call of Duty” Style Laser Tag. Play 2 separate missions in your session like Headquarters or Domination.
    • One 35-Min Session (4 Games) of Sport Style Laser Tag. Enjoy 4 games with time to strategize in between each game.
  • Unlimited Fountain Drinks for each player
  • 2 Slices of Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza per player
  • Party photo placed on our Facebook page
  • Table space for 2-hours includes all paper products. You may bring in your own dessert for this event!
Private Party

2 Hour Exclusive Rental

Just you and your friends, family or co-workers, out exclusive rental is the ultimate XP Laser Sport experience.

Starting at $25 per person with a minimum of 20 players, you can book an exclusive rental 12am (midnight) to 2am on Friday or Saturday, Saturday morning and 10am to 12pm (noon), Sunday morning 11am to 1pm or Sunday evening 8pm to 10pm.

It’s your pick. Try our new Tactical style Laser Tag or enjoy our traditional Sport Laser Tag -or- do a little of both.