Adult Birthday Parties

Don’t just go out to eat, DO SOMETHING for your next birthday! We know how to make your event as special as you are. XP Laser Sport is ready to make your event a memorable one.

We offer private and semi-private party areas that can accommodate groups from 4 to 120.

 Your party can include food, tokens, and other entertainment in addition. You can even put together a nostalgic slide show or movie to be shown on our projector or TVs.

Make your party unique after you look at our packages check out our Party Add-Ons to build the party of your dreams.


Play Your Own Tunes

With a private facility rental, you can mix your own tunes to enjoy. A team member will handle all the sound equipment so you can focus on your party. Add-on for only $25.

Themed Decorations

With decorations, your party can look better than the prom. Choose from over 100 themes for your party. Add-on varies from $25-150.

Custom Dog Tags

Remember your tactical or sport laser tag experience with customized dog tags for each of your guests. Add-on for only $7 per tag (minimum of 10 dog tags).

Adult Group
Adult Party
Private Party
Adult Group

Adult Group (from $15 per player)

Minimum of 8 players. Includes group photo posted to our Facebook page if desired

Laser Tag Pricing (Sport or Tactical) 

# of Players
“Basic” Package
4 Games/1 Session
“Most Popular” Package
8 Games/2 Sessions
8-15 Players$15 per person$25 per person
16-40 Players$14 per person$24 per person
41+ Players$13 per person$23 per person

Combo Laser Tag (1 Session Tactical/1 Session Sport)

# of PlayersCombo Package
4 Games/1 Session of Sport
4 Games/1 Session of Tactical
8-15 Players$25 per person
16-40 Players$24 per person
41+ Players$23 per person
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Food Options


Cold cuts, sliced cheeses, vegetables and more. We’ll put together your favorites.


The tray is perfect for a lunch or light dinner. This item is priced per tray. The large tray feeds approximately 20-25 guests. Smaller trays are available for smaller groups. Virginia Ham, Roast Beef and Turkey Breast, Swiss and American Cheese, Macaroni Salad , Potato Salad , Pickles, Fresh Rolls , and Condiments, Complimentary Soft Drinks and Coffee. (minimum 10 guests)


Have something extra special in mind? We’ll bring in cuisine from your favorite local restaurants.


Choose from the mini (serves up to 10 people) or large (serves up to 20 people). Carvel Cakes are a layer of chocolate ice cream on the bottom with a layer of cookie crunchies in the middle and vanilla ice cream as the top layer of the cake.


Enjoy a Sundae bar with all the fixin’s including chocolate topping, whipped cream, cherries and more.

Adult Party

Adult Party ($229.95 for the first 8 players and $24.95 for each additional player)

  • Choose One:
    • One 35-Minute Session (4 Missions) of Tactical “Call of Duty” Style Laser Tag (A 35-minute session consists of 2 games each of 2 missions/scenarios plus time for strategy, briefing, suiting up and removing equipment. 
    • One 35-Minute Session (4 Games) of Sport Laser Tag (A 35 Minute Session consists of Four Games and an additional 5 to 7 minutes for a Pre-Game Strategy Briefing, time to suit up and un-suit as well as Scorecard Post-Game Analysis)
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks for each player
  • Party photo placed on our Facebook page
  • Table space for 2-hours includes all paper products. You may bring in your own food and dessert for this event!
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Private Party

2 Hour Exclusive Party

No crowds! Just your group, it’s all yours. And you’re worth every penny

Minimum of 20 people just $25 per person Available Midnight to 2am on Friday or Saturday, Saturday morning and 10am to noon, or Sunday 11am to 1pm or 8pm to 10pm.

Choose from our traditional Sport Laser Tag or our new Frontal Assault Tactical Laser Tag… or play both!