Imagine yourself moving through a dark, fog-filled, multilevel playing field while dodging phaser fire, your objective to survive.

Real-time scoring computers tell the story as you blast your way through the opposing team. Armed with a phaser, you fire a sharp red beam into your enemies chest pod as his lights flash white and your pack says “Great Tag!”.

With your team close behind, you slowly pick apart your opponent’s defenses and make your way towards their base. You take a quick glance at the real-time scoreboard only to find it shows a dark fate for your team.

Being behind, you rally your team for one final attempt at their base. Your team storms though their defenses, a flood of your team’s colored lights surrounds you. The enemy has fled and in the last remaining seconds of the game, the siren sounds multiple times indicating someone got the opponent’s base.

The monitor now tells a different story as you have taken the lead in the final seconds.

…..The signal to leave is sounded; your team walks towards the exit proudly. You remain humble by congratulating your opponents as they seek revenge by challenging you to another match.