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7/9/11 - Keisha T. (Pikesville, MD)
-"My girls said they had an awesome time "shooting each other with lasers""

6/23/11 - Angela R. (Greenbelt, MD)
-"Good service! Lots of fun!"

6/9/11 - James E. (Ft Meade, MD)
-"Party was awesome, will do it again."

6/9/11 - Megan W. (College park, MD)
-"The staff was friendly and helpful throughout the experience, thanks!"

6/3/11 - Tina L. (Annapolis, MD)
-"Lots of fun, very well organized. Totally awesome."

6/3/11 - Jeanette S. (Baltimore, MD)
-"I was very pleased. Everything was very organized and courteous."

6/3/11 - Qiana C. (Washington, DC)
-"The best experience for my son's 13th birthday."

5/26/11 - Niesha B. (Hyattsville, MD)
-"This was my first time coming to XP Laser Sport and it was a wonderful experience."

5/21/11 - Donna K. (Silver Spring, MD)
-"Fabulous. Melinda has been our hostess twice, she's wonderful."

5/21/11 - Michele B. (Silver Spring, MD)
-"We had a great time! Our hostess took care of every need. Thanks."

5/19/11 - Mi-Chele W. (Silver Spring, MD)
-"Everyone was bombdiggity!"

5/19/11 - Carlos W. (Hyattsville, MD)
-"Veni Vidi Vici"

5/19/11 - Gail M. (Randallstown, MD)
-"We had a great time celebrating Jacob's birthday."

5/11/11 - Tara H. (Silver Spring, MD)
-"Thank you for having everything that we needed!"

5/11/11 - Cheri L. (Millersville, MD)
-"We had a great time. Thanks."

5/11/11 - Kanekee R. (Upper Marlboro, MD)
-"The best part about the party for parents is that I could relax while I had someone else serve the food."

5/5/11 - Debyann J. (Gaithersburg, MD)
-"I feel like we discovered an unknown gem- we had a great time."

4/29/11 - Kelly D. (Pasadena, MD)
-"Our host, Shawn was great!!"

4/29/11 - Natalie W. (Washington, DC)
-"My son's 11th birthday was awesome!"

4/26/11 - Ersalyn D. (Baltimore, MD)
-"Everything was awesome! Thanks a lot."

4/21/11 - Kim M. (Landover, MD)
-"Outstanding service."

4/7/11 - Eva B. (Odenton, MD)
-"My son and his crew had a blast."

4/7/11 - Jennaa J. (Odenton, MD)
-"Great time."

4/1/11 - Sheila B. (Washington, DC)
-"Had a blast!"

4/1/11 - Jerene A. (Washington, DC)
-"It was totally tubular dude!"

3/31/11 - Jocelyn B. (Owings Mills, MD)

3/31/11 - Toya A. (Reisterstown, MD)
-"The kids loved it!"

3/31/11 - Scott R. (Baltimore, MD)
-"A great time. All the kids and adults had fun. Great service and supervision!"

3/31/11 - Zairrius G. (Pikesville, MD)
-"We all had an excellent time; both the kids and adults."

3/31/11 - Jessica W. (Baltimore, MD)

3/31/11 - Renae M. (Baltimore, MD)
-"Seamless/stress free."

3/23/11 - Brian J. (Brooklyn Park, MD)

3/23/11 - LaShaun W. (Upper Marlboro, MD)
-"My son and his party guests really enjoyed themselves. Shawn(host) was very helpful."

3/10/11 - Kamika B. (Greenbelt, MD)
-"We had so much fun the first time that he wanted his party here again."

3/2/11 - Michelle A. (District Heights, MD)
-"Anytime a bunch of 11 yr olds DONíT want to leave, you've found a great place to go!!"

3/2/11 - Desiree B. (Silver Spring, MD)
-"This was our second party here and both were awesome."

2/24/11 - Tracey C. (Laurel, MD)
-"Party was awesome!"

2/24/11 - Dan S. (Bowie, MD)
-"The kids had a great time, and we're ecstatic to hear they had another session."

2/24/11 - Barbara S. (District Heights, MD)
-"Thank you."

2/17/11 - Naundi M. (Oxon Hill, MD)
-"Party guest really enjoyed themselves."

2/17/11 - Teresa H. (Laurel, MD)
-"Great staff. Easy party!"

2/17/11 - Karen T. (College park, MD)
-"Nice place."

2/4/11 - Nelson D. (Baltimore, MD)
-"Great job! My son had his 10th b-day party and he and his friends loved it!"

2/4/11 - Mona T. (Owings Mills, MD)
-"Quntin was very helpful. Awesome time!"

2/3/11 - Kimberly L. (Upper Marlboro, MD)
-"Great party."

1/28/11 - Trinetra R. (Springdale, MD)
-"Had a blast. See you very soon!"

1/28/11 - Kimberly W. (Laurel, MD)
-"Thanks for everything!"

1/28/11 - Christine D. (Laurel, MD)
-"Laser XP made planning my son's birthday a SNAP. I just booked online and then showed up on the day. Everything else was taken care of."

1/27/11 - Linda K. (Reisterstown, MD)
-"Great fun for kids."

1/21/11 - Jennifer J. (Baltimore, MD)
-"Very good time had by all. We will be back. Fantastic."

1/21/11 - Edward B. (Hampstead, MD)
-"We had a great time. The kids loved it and I though everything was great."

1/21/11 - Melanie C. (Silver Spring, MD)
-"Thank you so much!"

1/21/11 - Carol J. (Owings Mills, MD)
-"Great fun for all."

1/13/11 - Michelle B. (Pikesville, MD)
-"Love the observation deck!"

1/13/11 - Iris B. (Baltimore, MD)
-"My daughter had lots of fun."

1/13/11 - Jackie F. (Catonsville, MD)
-"Great job!"

1/13/11 - Chastity N. (Annapolis, MD)
-"Our hostess was great, we had a great experience."

1/13/11 - Nikki P. (Ft Meade, MD)
-"Best birthday party we have had. Thanks XP Laser Sport!"

1/13/11 - Marian S. (Severn, MD)
-"OMG fun LOL."

1/7/11 - Brenda M. (Baltimore, MD)
-"All of the guests enjoyed themselves even the older teenagers who were unsure about attending."

1/6/11 - Shelly S. (Owings Mills, MD)
-"My daughter says, "This was the best birthday ever.""

12/17/10 - Vicky S. (Finksburg, MD)
-"I loved the refillable pitchers and the friendliness."

12/17/10 - Todd Q. (Baltimore, MD)
-"The group loved the facility - laser tag and xbox games."

12/10/10 - Alicia H. (Laurel, MD)
-"I was extremely happy with the party. The staff were right on point and such a big help."

11/19/10 - Carolyn W. (Lanham, MD)

10/19/10 - Charles C. (Largo, MD)
-"The XP experience will remain with you for years to come."

9/23/10 - Britta H. (Owings Mills, MD)
-"Excellent time for an excellent value."

9/23/10 - Tara J. (Owings Mills, MD)
-"We were satisfied from the time we started to the time we left."

9/23/10 - Carolann S. (Owings Mills, MD)
-"Great staff!"

9/19/10 - Allyson T. (Reisterstown, MD)
-"Great party!"

9/14/10 - Eileen R. (Owings Mills, MD)
-"Great party! Great service!"

9/9/10 - Vimi P. (Upper Marlboro, MD)
-"My kids had a wonderful time."

9/5/10 - Rosanna D. (Edgewood, MD)
-"The kids really enjoyed themselves."

9/2/10 - Amy R. (Laurel, MD)
-"Ages 10-50, we all had a blast."

9/2/10 - Teilla C. (Temple Hills, MD)
-"Great experience for a birthday party."

9/2/10 - Kenneth F. (Temple Hills, MD)
-"Xp Lasersport is absolutely the best!"

9/2/10 - Joan H. (Upper Marlboro, MD)
-"This was and will be the easiest party I've had for my twin boys!"

9/2/10 - Ricky F. (Waldorf, MD)
-"My son and his friends enjoyed themselves."

8/24/10 - Carrolyn (Owings Mills, MD)
-"The service was 5 star."

8/24/10 - Jeanna G. (Owings Mills, MD)
-"My son begged me for a party at Xp Lasersport after attending another party, he was thrilled by the experience."

8/20/10 - Ebony G. (Gaithersberg, MD)
-"My son told me this was the best party ever."

8/5/10 - Kenny (Owings Mills, MD)
-"The whole family is addicted!"

8/1/10 - Rhonda O. (Bowie, MD)
-"The service and experience at Xp is second to none."

7/29/10 - Nikki J. (Owings Mills, MD)
-"Exceeded expectations! Great party!"

7/29/10 - Pam C. (Reisterstown, MD)
-"I was pleased with the level of detail provided for our party."

7/21/10 - Junghie E. (Fulton, MD)
-"It was a great time!"

7/21/10 - Darline N. (Severn, MD)
-"My son had a wonderful time. I am more than sure he would love to come back."

7/17/10 - Chaundra B. (Lanham, MD)

7/15/10 - Tanya J. (Randallstown, MD)
-"Lots of fun!"

7/15/10 - Daren M. (Owings Mills, MD)
-"Extremely entertaining."

7/9/10 - Briggit P. (Largo, MD)
-"Great Staff. Very Helpful. Our party at XP Laser Tag was fantastic and we all look forward to returning very soon!"

7/9/10 - Eureka H. (Randallstown, MD)
-"It was great, the kids loved it."

7/2/10 - Diane B. (Laurel, MD)
-"Very satisfied."

6/29/10 - Mia P. (Washington DC)
-"We had a large party with 25 kids + adults and everyone enjoyed themselves! Xp lasersport was awesome!"

3/18/10 - Patricia M. (Beltsville, MD)
-"I loved it! Our server was excellent with the kids. Best of all, I could sit back, relax, and actually enjoy the event!"

3/18/10 - Moses R. (Glendale, MD)
-"Our host was outstanding."