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Introducing Frontal Assault Tactical Laser Tag At Owings Mills

Like a Live Video Game

You’ve heard it before, but Frontal Assault at XP LaserSport delivers. Our equipment, missions and arena bring the most popular first-person shooter games like Call of Duty and Battlefield to life. No more kiddie games. This is hard core play designed for adult players.

Realistic Laser Tag Weapons

This isn’t kiddie laser tag! Our weapons can be Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, SMGs, Pistols, Assault Rifles, Sticky Grenade Launchers, just to name a few. Each weapon has unique characteristics like range, damage, clip size, reload speed, and rate of fire.

Mission-Based Play

Our simulations are not about scoring points like a pinball game. You and your fellow players will have to work together as a tactical team to solve puzzles and secure areas. Every session is different with unique missions. Take a look below at our active missions.

Enter the World of your favorite FPS video games

Frontal Assault Laser Combat at XP LaserSport is the first of its kind in the Baltimore/Washington DC area.

As a player, you’ll play realistic missions in our 9,000 sq foot multi-level arena. Each 45 minute play session includes 4 missions with 2 different types. Each of the two teams will switch roles for each mission.

Tactical laser tag was designed for teen and adult players, with full size, more realistic, laser tag guns featuring headbands for targeting rather than the traditional bulky vest of laser tag.

You have to work together as a team to achieve the mission goals.

If you enjoy first-person shooter games like “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield,” this is finally the laser tag game you’ve been looking for. Stop in and try Tactical Laser Tag today. Call now to 410-833-6611 to reserve your mission.


Frontal Assault Missions


The goal in deathmatch is simple. Eliminate the other team. This game features limited lives with no respawning.


Dominate is real life version of Domination. There are up to three locations to dominate in the arena. The winning team controls these locations for the longest time.


One team plays operatives attempting to plant a bomb and blow up the warehouse. The other team is attempting to defuse the bomb.


Turfwar is a game of controlling headquarter locations. There are three headquarter locations on the playing field. Headquarters activate randomly and the first team to control the headquarters scores a point.


Six nuclear fuel rods are hidden in the middle of the arena. Grab one and exit the arena through your team’s base to score a point. But, the radiation eliminates any player who manages to score a point preventing you from respawning. Teams slowly get smaller until one team has at least 4 nukes.


It’s a hostage situation in the arena. One team must rescue hostages and evacuate them from the warehouse. The opposing force tries to hold on to hostages, only eliminating hostages who are being rescued.


You win the game of Contract by eliminating the captain of the opposing team. The captains get additional health while other players can respawn.


Each team has three warheads in their possession. The goal is to grab the opposing teams three warheads and collect them at your home base while protecting your own warheads. It’s high stakes capture the flag.


To win with decode you must put together the messages from five computer systems your team hacks into. The first team to deliver the code to the referee wins the game.

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