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Frontal Assault - Perfect for Your Bachelor Party!

Congratulations, they chose you to be the Best Man or Maid of Honor! Now arrange an unforgettable Bachelor or Bachelorette Party.

Book you event at XP Laser Sport and start off an evening of fun playing laser tag. Anyone from 7 to 77 can participate at this party. We also offer private facility parties if you want to amp things up a notch. Some of our parties start out here and move on to your favorite bar, nightclub or watering hole.

If someone chooses not to play, no problem. They can still be part of the action as they watch and call out positions from the observation deck at XP LaserSport!

Bachelors and Bachelorettes are looking for a fun creative and personalized activity.

You know the groom or bride best, so think of what they’d like to do. If they like to have a good time doing something with all their friends, tactical or sport laser tag is perfect.

Frontal Assault – The Perfect Bachelor/ette Party

The new tactical laser tag attraction at our Owings Mills location brings your bachelor or bachelorette party into the world of popular video games like Call of Duty. Enjoy mission-based play like diffusing a bomb, rescuing hostages, and capturing the flag just to name a few.

Whether you want to host the entire event here or make this one of many stops we have packages for you.

Call us to personalize the best event for you.

Remember to make a reservation, even if you are just playing and moving on for the rest of the party. You don’t want to show up for a good time and find out we are already sold out.

Frontal Assault Tactical Laser Tag Pricing

# of Players “Most Popular” Package
1 Session/4 Games
“Best Value” Package
2 Sessions/8 Games
8-15 Players $15 pp $25 pp
16-40 Players $14 pp $24 pp
40+ Players $13 pp $23 pp
Frontal Assault Tactical Laser Tag is available at Owings Mills only.

Sport Laser Tag Pricing

# of Players “Most Popular” Package
1 Session/4 Games
“Best Value” Package
2 Sessions/8 Games
8-15 Players $15 pp $25 pp
16-40 Players $14 pp $24 pp
40+ Players $13 pp $23 pp

Combo Laser Tag (1 Session Tactical/1 Session Sport)

# of Players Combo Package
4 Games/1 Session of Sport
4 Games/1 Session of Frontal Assault
8-15 Players $25 pp
16-40 Players $24 pp
40+ Players $23 pp
Frontal Assault Tactical Laser Tag is available at Owings Mills only.

Adult Party ($229.95 for the first 8 players and $24.95 for each additional player)

  • Choose One:
    • One 45-Minute Session (4 Games) of Tactical “Call of Duty” Style
      Laser Tag (A 45-minute session consists of 2 games each of 2
      missions/scenarios plus time for strategy, briefing, suiting up and
      removing equipment, Available at Owings Mills Only)
    • One 45-Minute Session (4 Games) of Sport Laser Tag (A 45 Minute
      Session consists of Four 8 Minute Games and an additional 12 minutes for
      a Pre-Game Strategy Briefing, time to suit up and un-suit as well as
      Scorecard Post-Game Analysis)
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks for each player
  • Party photo placed on our Facebook page
  • 2 Slices of Pizza for each player
  • Table space for 2-hours includes all paper products. You may bring in your own dessert for this event!

2 Hour Exclusive Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

All Exclusive! Just you and your friends in the entire facility. You will enjoy the ultimate party experience.
Minimum of 20 people just $25 per person Available Midnight to 2am on Friday or Saturday, or Sunday through Thursday 8pm to 10pm.
Choose from our traditional Sport Laser Tag or our new Frontal Assault Tactical Laser Tag (Owings Mills only). Or play both!
You can select your favorite add-ons below to make the party a hit.


Make your party or event unique check out our Party Add-Ons to build the party of your dreams.

Food Options

What’s a party without food? We’ll help your stomach enjoy the event, too.

Mix Your own Music

With the rental of a private room, you can mix your own tunes to enjoy. A team member will handle all the sound equipment so you can focus on your party. Add-on for only $25.

Balloon Archway & Decorations

A stunning decorative archway for your entry into the party. A perfect photo opportunity too. Includes balloon centerpieces. You choose the colors. Requires 72 hours notice. Add-on for only $250.

Themed Decorations

With decorations, your party can look better than the prom. Choose from over 100 themes for your party. Add-on varies from $25-150.

Custom Dog Tags

Remember your tactical or sport laser tag experience with customized dog tags for each of your guests. Comes in red, blue or purple. Add-on for only $5 per tag (minimum of 10 dog tags).


An extra large comes with 8 slices. Choose your favorite toppings.

Deli Platter

Cold cuts, sliced cheeses, vegetables and more. We’ll put together your favorites.

Make Your Own Sandwich Tray

The tray is perfect for a lunch or light dinner. This item is priced per tray. The large tray feeds approximately 20-25 guests. Smaller trays are available for smaller groups. Virginia Ham, Roast Beef and Turkey Breast, Swiss and American Cheese, Macaroni Salad , Potato Salad , Pickles, Fresh Rolls , and Condiments, Complimentary Soft Drinks and Coffee. (minimum 10 guests)


Have something extra special in mind? We’ll bring in cuisine from your favorite local restaurants. We can set up a banquet using local catering options.

Sundae Bar

Enjoy a Sundae bar with all the fixin’s including chocolate topping, whipped cream, cherries and more.

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